Q1: What is a hyperlink?

Q2: If you need to link a picture to one of the sheets then what option would you use and how would you do that?

Q3: What is text-to-columns?

Q4: Can you split the data stored in a column into multiple columns? If yes, how?

Q5: I have Order Id in column A. The order IDs are like this BLR-20-1234 which means city-year-code. You need to split the order ID in such a way that it splits and stores data in three different columns such that BLR will be stored in one column, 20 in another column, and 1234 in the next column. Explain the steps to perform this task.

Q6: What is Data Validation?

Q7: Why do we use Data Validation?

Q8: Explain the steps of creating a drop-down list in Excel.

Q9: You have to create a template to collect some data from your client. Some of the key columns are Name, Gender, Geography, Team, Project. There is always a risk of data being entered by different users in a different style. For example, Female, F, Fem, Male, M, Here same information is entered in different ways that lead to the data issues. What would be your approach to solve this problem?

Q10: What are the different ways of referring to a cell?

Q11: What do you understand by cell references? What are the different types of cell references?

Q12: What is the difference between Mixed and Absolute references?

Q13: Explain a scenario with an example to show the importance of Absolute reference.

Q14: Explain the MID function.

Q15: What is Vlookup?

Q16: What is the difference between VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP?

Q17: What is the difference between INDEX MATCH and VLOOKUP?

Q18: I have customer name column in sheet1. I need to find out the number of missing names (blank cells) in customer name columns. How can I find it?

Q19: Explain CONCATENATE function.

Q20: How can I find a substring from a string (text)?

Q21: What is conditional formatting?

Q22: What is a heatmap?

Q23: What is a nested function?

Q24: Give an example of the TEXT function.

Q25: What is NETWORDAYS function?

Q26: What is the difference between DAYS360 and NETWORKDAYS function?

Q27: Give an example of a nested function.

Q28: How can you find the full month name from a given date value in a cell?

Q29: What is the difference between COUNT and COUNTA function?

Q30: In one of the sheets, we have a column called “Score”. Tell me a formula to find the second-highest score from that column.

Q31: How is SUMIFS different from SUMIF?

Q32: What is a SUBTOTAL function? Explain with the help of an example.

Q33: Explain the SUMPRODUCT function.

Q34: What is the significance of 0 or FALSE in the VLOOKUP function? What will happen if we use 1 or TRUE instead of 0 or FALSE?

Q35: Explain the OFFSET function.

Q36: What is dual-axis or secondary axis? When do we use it?

Q37: What is a calculated field and when do we use it?

Q38: What is a Slicer?

Q39: What is a Pivot table?

Q40: What is a dashboard?

Q41: What is the difference between a dashboard and a report?

Q42: How is a slicer different from a filter in a pivot table?

Q43: How can I find the count of names in data?

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