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6 Months

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Data Science Training in Bangalore

Our Analytics Training in Bangalore is designed by industry experts to make learners ready for Data Analytics industry. Learners will work on real-time scenario-based projects, deliver business presentations, understand various domains, quizzes on Python, SQL, Tableau, Excel etc. Capstone projects, Interview preparation and mock interview sessions are integrated part of the Analytics Training in Bangalore to help learners equip with the skill sets required for cracking interview and working on projects from day one.

What will You learn in Data Science Course in Bangalore?

Key courses Covered in Data Analytics Certification Bangalore

SQL for Analytics

You will learn the query logic development for summarizing and extracting the data from a database system at the Best Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore. Some of the key concepts that you will learn in this course are DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), and Data Query Language to create table, update data in the table and write the query logic to extract the relevant data as per business requirements.

Tableau BI

Tableau is one of the most powerful business intelligence (BI) tool and used across industry for Data Visualization and Visual Analytics,
In this course you learn how to connect to different data sources, data preparation, data visualization, preparing stories, and building an interactive dashboard.

Advanced Excel For Analytics

You learn basic to advance excel concepts used for data cleaning, data preparation, data visualization, and data analysis. You will learn functions to deal with numeric data, text data, and dates. You will learn text functions, mathematics and statistics functions, date functions, logical functions, lookup functions and more.

Capstone Projects

You will work on a total of 6 projects based on real-time problems in Data Analytics Training with Placement in Bangalore. You will work on 4 Data Analytics projects and 1 Business Intelligence Analytics project.

Upon completion of all these projects you will have a clear understanding of handling Data Analytics and Business Intelligence projects from your clients.

Who Can Apply for the Data Analytics Training in Bangalore?

Data Analytics Training Learning Outcomes

The primary goal of the Data Science Course Training in Bangalore is to provide you with an understanding of the many approaches utilized in handling large data sets through Data Analytics. Learners will be able to evaluate the applications of these technologies, which are used to store and analyze massive volumes of data. Additionally, we offer Data Science Training in Bangalore.

This Data Science Course in Bangalore session teaches students how to analyze structured and unstructured data and create visual storytelling using PowerBI and Tableau. The Best Data Analytics Training Institute in Bangalore is perfect for professionals who want to gain an in-depth understanding of common data frameworks. 

The six-month Data Analytics Training with Placement will cover key technologies such as SQL, Tableau, and Advanced Excel concepts. Students will learn how to save, retrieve, and organize Large datasets stored in database management systems such as relational database management systems or document-based database systems that can be manipulated and analyzed. 

They will also be taught several concepts for representing data on the serving layer to display findings in more easily digestible visual representations. The Data Analytics Training with Placement in Bangalore includes several applied case studies that teach participants how to handle complicated business problems and help them solve with Analytics.

Important Skills To Acquire with Data Analytics Certification Bangalore